"FINALLY! A realistic way to use your computer to earn a nice, part-time income helping
small business people in your area."

There is no secret to making
money.  It's really pretty simple...

"Find out what
people want
and give it to them!"

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Dear Friend:

This is what I call a non-sales letter.

There's no hype or bull here. Nothing that promises the moon. 

And … I don't want to bully you into signing on for something that you don't need or want.

Read on and then decide if this opportunity is for you.

It's really that simple.

If you’ve been searching for a“real” income opportunity that doesn’t involve bugging friends and relatives to attend meetings or buy soap or pills, this might be for you.  No, you won’t make $5,000 a month starting next month but if your goal is to build a realistic income helping people who want and need that help, keep reading.

The "Loyalty Club Profits"program will show you how to earn extra money by being the“loyalty department” for small businesses in your local area.


Small businesses are struggling. They WANT more customers. Advertising costs are rising and putting many of them out of business.  Small ads can cost hundreds of dollars and bring in few new customers.

There is a simple answer.

If a small business were to simply collect the name and email address of each of their customers they would have an incredibly valuable resource.  The challenge for the small business owner is finding the time to do it.

That is where YOU come in. You’ll do it all for them in exchange for $100 to $300 (or more)  a month.  Compared to the cost of a newspaper ad this is incredibly cheap and as they’ll discover, much more effective than anything else they can do.

Look at what the client of one of the Loyalty Club Operators had to say after his first email went out...    


There is OPPORTUNITY all around you.  Here's the proof...


You can prove to yourself this very minute. 

Think about the businesses in your own town.  

-Pet Stores
-Comedy Clubs
-Bowling Alleys
-Small Grocery Stores
-Pizza/Sub Shops
-Dry Cleaners

My guess is most of these places don't know who you are or how to get in touch with you.  

You'd probably be happy to go back if you had a good experience. 

Most of them would love to have you back but they do NOTHING to encourage it.

The cheap and easy way for every small business in your town to get you to come back is to send you an offer via email or make a posting on Facebook or Twitter


I know I  appreciate receiving special offers via email from places where I already spend my money.

This little mental experiment should be proof enough that finding local clients will be very easy for you.


Most major corporations, especially the ones who do a lot of advertising spend MILLIONS on their loyalty clubs.  Why?  It works? 

The mom and pop restaurant can't afford to do the advertising the "big boys" can BUT they are on an even playing field when it comes to a loyalty club.  They actually have an advantage because they can get an email out much faster.

-Taco Bell
-Best Buy 
-Radio Shack

And hundreds of other large companies send email on regular basis.

How do YOU feel about this?

In a survey of 1230 of my readers about their adventures in making money, a dislike of selling was very common. They also hated having to hit up friends and relatives to sell stuff they didn’t really want or need.  

To be accurate, what WE really hate is rejection.

Selling is great if everybody says YES!..it’s the in-person NOs…the in-person rejection  that hurts.  

"Loyalty Club Profits" Version 3.0 is designed so there is no "selling" involved for your first few clients as you build your confidence.


Here is what you get in the "Loyalty Club Profits"program:

In the three years I've had this program on the market I've learned where the stumbles and discouragement happen.

For that reason Loyalty Club Profits 3.0 will be MUCH different.  

You are going to start off very slow.  

For at least the first several weeks you will have just one simple assignment per week delivered via email.

No long documents to slog through.  No videos to watch.  

This one assignment will take you a total of, at most, one hour at any time during the week....ten minutes here and there is fine.

Some people experience anxiety at the thought of speaking to a business owner about Loyalty Clubs.  I understand that.

That's why the first weeks of LCP 3.0 will be focused on developing your confidence in YOU and your technical abilities to deliver this service.



When the time comes for you to actually speak to someone else about this, you will be confident in your abilities and your potential clients may actually be calling you!

The time you are getting prepared to deliver this service your awareness of the opportunities around you will be heightened.  

It's like when you buy a new car...you'll start to see that same car everywhere when before you can't recall seeing one very often.

Version3.0 is designed so that you don't have to spend any extra money to get clients.  

That's underlined and in red so you won't miss it.  Previous versions involved postcards or other marketing materials.

Those are all great and still useful but not necessary here.  You don't even have to get business cards if you don't want to.

Once you are a member of the "Loyalty Club Profits" family you'll have all you need to start building your client base.

Marti is retired and supplementing her income down in Florida...


Here is just some of what you'll discover in the "Loyalty Club Profits"program:

-What a"good" prospective client looks like.  Avoid the others.

-The best answer to "how long have you been doing this?"

-Answers to the other common questions you might get from a business owner.

-What specific businesses in your community to focus on FIRST

-How to get the word out about your services without having to actually say many words.

-The one client who could send a letter or email to their customers and get YOU all the clients you need.

-How to guarantee a business owner notices your services...it's actually pretty easy to stand out.

-The three-word question that will open the door to explaining your services to any business owner.

-What to do  if the business owner wants to do it herself...offer this service for a one time fee...$200-$500.

-What offers to make or promotions to run when sending emails for clients.

-How to get all the ideas you'll need for these offers and promotions.

-Other profitable services you can offer, once your foot is in the door.

-Step by step guidance to get all this set up.  If you have some technical skills you can certainly use them but they aren't required. There aren't any email emergencies. Take your time, learn at your own pace and things will be fine.  Once you have everything in place it's easy to plug new clients into the process.

-And the most valuable reason to invest in the "Loyalty Club Profits"program is the feedback and ideas you'll be getting from others offering the same service in different parts of the world. What works for them,might just work for you and save you a bunch of time.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE  Take 30 days to look it all over.   Participate. Do the assignment each week.  If you aren't satisfied in any way, let me know and you'll get your money back.

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Frequently Asked Questions


It’s reasonable to think that.

Sending email really is pretty simple. 

Some business owners are going to take the idea from you,  smack themselves on the side of their head for not thinking  of it and they will try to figure out how to get it done.   They’ll think their child or spouse will do it for them.

BE SURE to check in with them in a couple weeks to get on their list to monitor what and when they send.

Visit them in a month or two.  It’s likely they  won’t be collecting the names OR they won’t be doing
it as effectively as they could.  Your offer to help at this time might be accepted!

A local tea shop in my town collects names on their  website BUT not in their shop. (last I knew)  They send  out periodic emails about new teas but with no incentive to  come in…no coupons, no specials,  nothing but bragging about  how cool they are for having new teas.

They obviously need your help collecting the names in-store and they need ideas for how to make the emails they send much more effective.


I don't know if you'll have to get a business license to do this.  Call yourself a local email specialist.  Have them write the checks to you and you should be fine BUT I'm not a lawyer and I don't know the rules where you are.

If you don't need a license to be part of a network marketing company I can't imagine you'd need one for this but you need to find that out yourself.


Your services should be tax deductible for the business owner.  They need to check with their tax preparer.

Your expenses might be tax deductible.  Check with your tax preparer or accountant.


No.  In fact I recommend signing up clients in areas where you drive through at least once a week.  Now can you see how many potential clients are out there?

The small business person is hurting.  Profits are down.  Advertising costs are high.  You are offering to rescue them.


That varies and depends on how many clients you have,how many customers your clients get in a typical week and how quickly you can type them into the database.  You'll need to stop into each client at least once per week to collect the names.  

Typing the names in can be done at anytime of the day or night but should be done soon after you've collected them from the business. Likewise the emails can be composed at any time of the day or night and scheduled to go out at any time.

If you have children or friends who can type in names for you, that would save some time too.



Of course not.  No one can do that. I guarantee you that there are many businesses all around you that need this service but don't have time to do it themselves.   You can confirm that right now by thinking about how many businesses you patronize that DO NOT know how to get in touch with you.

I guarantee that the "Loyalty Club Profits"program will show you how to help them and make some extra money for yourself at the same time.  

I guarantee there will be challenges. Things will pop-up that frustrate you.  That's called life. There are challenges and frustrations when you have a job.  Earning your own money is no different except you have more control over how you handle the challenges.  This isn't push-button money. Believe me,I've been looking for it and haven't found it.

I guarantee that I'll be here to help you through the challenges.

I guarantee that the other Local Email Operators will be sharing what works and doesn't work for them and I guarantee that I will pass that info on to you.  

The rest is up to you.  Do the assignments every week and you will get clients.  

That is what I guarantee.

8) I've read your entire letter.  I've read all the FAQs … but I still have a question.

No problem. If you still have an unanswered question, you can email me here.The email will hit my personal in box … and I'll get back to you ASAP.

But if you’re ready to order, take the next step to a real income opportunity with a Loyalty Club business … let's get going...


Right now, the investment in the Loyalty Club Profits program is the only one payment of $197.


You might have noticed my process for selling a money-making program is a little different than what you may be used to seeing.    

The #1 difference is I’m not promising you instant riches.   I suggest that you could get clients to pay you $50 to $197 or more for your services.  How many you get is up to you and the amount of time you have and the effort you put in.

Five clients paying you just $97 a month would earn you $485 a month.   No promises from me…just me pulling out the calculator.

If you’ve done that math and you scoff at that figure because you “need thousands, yesterday”,  I encourage you to really think about it.  What would $485 a month pay for each month? Your groceries?  A car payment?  Extra to put toward your debt?

Don’t look at "Loyalty Club Profits" as something to solve all your money issues in 14 days.  Look at it as the first step in learning how to make extra money…developing confidence in your ability to do it.

When Debbie signed up her first client she wrote… “I’m very excited I got someone to sign up,it will be easier now.”

Do you know why it will be easier for Debbie?  Confidence. Someone besides she and me thinks it’s a good idea and he is a paying customer.

It’s very unlikely anything you try to do to make money will make you THOUSANDS right away.  If it were possible“everyone” would do it,right?

The people who make thousands in enterprises of their own are people who stick with something…they test and tweak things…they brainstorm with other smart people and exchange good ideas.

The person who jumps from one business opportunity to the next is wasting valuable & precious time. 

Stick with "Loyalty Club Profits" to develop your confidence and your list of clients and then sell them other services.


You might consider finding a partner to work on this with you…it’s one thing if you quit but if you don’t want to let your partner down you’re more apt to stick with it, right?

You already know there is a HUGE market wanting this service.  How many emails from local retailers do you get? How many local retailers do you recall trying to get your email address? 

Very few I'll bet.

All you need is a few of them to make a nice second income.  Sure, it can grow into more. You can hire employees if you want to do that, eventually.  Focus first on getting ONE client and then another.

I'll close this letter as I began it...

                             There is no secret to making
                           money.  It's really pretty simple...

                             "Find out what
people want
                                  and give it to them!"

Earl Nightingale said "all the money you are ever going to need is already in the pockets of
someone else."

You get that money by providing a quality service.  Your loyalty club business is that quality service.

You now know what the small business person in your town and every town WANTS. Give it to them and increase your income at the same time with this simple service.

I look forward to helping you develop this income stream for yourself and your loved ones.

You are not alone.

Join us today!

Best wishes.


Leo J Quinn Jr

P.S.  Listen to what Amy had to say at the end of one of a call...

P.P.S. There is no shame in trying something new.  In fact,it's the only way to get from where you are today to where you want to be. Start the process toward living your dreams today.

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